Introduction To BCA

BCA, full form Bachelor of Computer Application, is a 3-year UG course that imparts knowledge on the basics of computer application and software development

BCA Honours candidates have a promising future in the IT field as they can take up sufficient employment opportunities such as Programmers and grow to become project managers. They can look for employment both in public and private divisions, insurance, banking, accounting, e-commerce, stock markets, and marketing. BCA Honours gives significant comprehension of concepts in key areas of Computer Science.
Why BCA Course?

There are plenty of reasons to study BCA. There is an utmost need of skilled professionals to serve and solve the various problems in the world of technology and IT in India.

  • It opens a pool of job opportunities in various fields, especially in the IT sector.
  • BCA is almost equivalent to the BTech course. The major benefit of opting for BCA is that it is a 3-year program whereas BTech is a 4-year course.
  • A handful of colleges offer BCA specialization as well as in the field of Data Science, Data Analytics, and Computer Science.
  • There is an opportunity for students to go for higher studies too like MCA, to add an extra edge and update their skills & experience, which leads to career development.
Course Benefits
  • Unlike BTech courses, it focuses on the study of computers for three years which will help gain skills and knowledge to make a career in computer related fields.
  • BCA course offers multiple job opportunities in the field of IT and computers.
  • Both the public and private sector are known to recruit the graduates of BCA courses.
  • BCA is mostly a software oriented course, with no or little stress in hardware. Thus it demands no physical effort, and allows you to have a stress free work environment.