Introduction To MLT

Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) is an Program offered for Allied Health Sciences. Medical Laboratory Technology is an Allied Health specialty concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases through the use of clinical laboratory tests. Though the Medical Lab technologists spend less time with patients than doctors and nurses, medical laboratory professionals are just as dedicated to patient's health.

Medical Laboratory Technology MLT is an undergraduate course of 2-year, which is divided into four semesters (two semesters per year). In this course professionals are taught about various aspects of health care. The students perform various diagnostic analysis on body fluids, which include haematology, bacteriology, immunologic, chemical and microscopic during the course. The subjects taught in the program are Clinical Endocrinology & Toxicology Lab, Diagnostic Molecular Biology Lab, Diagnostic Cytology etc.
Benefits of this Course
  • Hospitals, labs, diagnostic centers, nursing homes- medical lab technicians work in lab settings and help conduct tests, work with pieces of lab equipment, record results and data.
  • Open his/her center – entrepreneurship- in association with a Pathologist to validate the pathology reports.
  • Academics - college and universities- employ tutors, instructors for teaching new learners
  • Molecular biotech companies - Research and development industry- MLT help accelerate and guide development to help therapy reach the patients who need it.
Further Studies After MLT
  • Bachelor in Medical Laboratory technology
  • Bachelor of Science(Clinical Bio-Chemistry)
  • Bachelor of Science(Clinical Micro-Biology)